A Partnership of UConn and Eversource

Eversource Energy Center




Our collaborators are integrating best practices in research on storm outage forecasting, tree and forest manage, and electric grid hardening, and extending the global reach of the Eversource Energy Center.

  Name Title / Department Contact Information
Marcello Graziano, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University; Research Fellow, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis grazi1m@cmich.edu


peter-gunther Peter Gunther Senior Research Fellow, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis pgunther@bellnet.ca


george-kallos George Kallos, Ph.D. Professor, Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group, University of Athens kallos@mg.uoa.gr, g-kallos@otenet.gr


 osvaldo_pensado Osvaldo Pensado, Ph.D. Program Manager, Integrated Materials and Risk Assessments, Southwest Research Institute opensado@swri.org


  Craig J. Tremback

Scientific Consultant, Meteorological modeling, Mesoscale Meteorology, Weather Prediction Models RAMS & WRF.




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