A Partnership of UConn and Eversource

Eversource Energy Center


Research Facilities

Eversource Energy Center is home to several state-of-the-art research facilities. Please contact us at EversourceEnergyCenter@uconn.edu for questions about any of our facilities.

High Performance Computing

Point of Contact: Emmanouil Anagnostou, Ph.D. (email: manos@uconn.edu; phone: 860-486-6806)

Our high performance computing center houses

  • 120+ nodes
  • 2500+ cores
  • 10 TB of RAM
  • 800 TB of storage

We use the computing center to support our daily weather, outage, and flood forecasts in addition to large scale predictive modeling efforts.

Tree Biomechanics Laboratory

Point of Contact: Robert Fahey, Ph.D. (email: robert.fahey@uconn.edu; phone: 860-486-2840)

Tree Wind

We use biaxial clinometers and anemometers to measure tree sway across the state. We monitor tree sway to inform our understanding of tree stability. We are currently monitoring 41 trees spread across Torrington, Storrs, and Orange, CT.

Power Grid Simulation Test Bed

Point of Contact: Junbo Zhao, Ph.D. (email: junbo@uconn.edu)

Our test bed is used to test and validate various power grid simulations. We test the integration of distributed energy resources, grid modernization methods, and different cyber security techniques.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Laboratory

Point of Contact: Chandi Witharana, Ph.D. (email: chandi.witharana@uconn.edu; phone: 860-486-2840)

We use UASs outfitted with LiDAR, infared, thermal, and radar capabilities for mapping and intrusion detection. For our flight platforms we use both fixed wing and heavy-lift crafts.

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