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Funded Projects


Research Pillars 1 & 2

Title Sponsor Investigator(s) Documentation
The UConn OPM – Enhancing Prediction Accuracy & Supporting the Emergency Response Team with Real-Time Outage Forecasts Eversource Emmanouil Anagnostou (PI)
Diego Cerrai
A Pathway to Enhance Grid Resilience: Zero-Carbon Energy Communities with DER-based ELCC Quantification Eversource Zongjie Wang (PI) Presentation
Assessing compound risk for existing electrical
substations over the State of Connecticut
Eversource Stergios Emmanouil (PI) Presentation
Improving Extreme Weather Forecasting Capabilities in support of Power Outage Prediction Activities:
Phase II – wind gust and winter weather 
Eversource Marina Astitha (PI) Presentation
Beta-testing of the Agent-Based Model for Estimating Time to Restoration and Development of Resilience Metrics Eversource Diego Cerrai (PI) Presentation
Power system vulnerability assessment under a changing climate Eversource Xinxuan Zhang (PI)
Guiling Wang
Marina Astitha
Stergios Emmanouil
Resilience System Performance Modeling in a Changing Climate Eversource Amvrossios Bagtzoglou (PI)
Wei Zhang
Xinxuan Zhang
Multi-source Remote Sensing Data for Modelling Tree Risk on Utility Infrastructure and Leveraging Climate Adapted Vegetation Management  Eversource Chandi Witharana (PI) Presentation
Estimating Roadside Tree Risk To Grid Resilience and Reliability Using PlanetScope Time Series Eversource Zhe Zhu (PI)
Shi Qiu

Research Pillars 3

Title Sponsor Investigator(s) Documentation
Next-level Grid Resilience by Utilizing Sensors in Distributed Power Converters Eversource Ali Bazzi (PI) Presentation
CLIMB: Connecticut’s Low-carbon, Innovative, and Modernized electric grid for Better resilience  Eversource Caiwen Ding (PI) Presentation
High-Impact weather and power system simulator for renewable energy integration and resilience analysis Eversource Malaquias Peña (PI) Presentation

Research Pillar 4

Title Sponsor Investigator(s) Documentation
Development of Cyber-Attack Detection Algorithms using the Smart Inverter and Machine Learning-  Eversource Sung Yeul Park (PI) Presentation
Distribution System Cyber-Physical Security RTDS Testbed with High Penetration of DERs  Eversource Junbo Zhao (PI)
Ankur Srivastava

Research Pillar 5

Title Sponsor Investigator(s) Documentation
Assess strategies that integrate innovation for grid resilience among carbon and climate resiliency goals and public communication Eversource Anita Morzillo (PI)
Cynnamon Dobbs
Chandi Witharana
Assess the progress in uptake of decarbonization technologies and what factors affect consumer decisions about energy consumption behavior Eversource Lyle Scruggs (PI)
Eleanor Ouimet
Evaluate the effect of electric vehicle charging stations and residential solar of real estate values and equity in benefits Eversource Jeffrey Cohen (PI) Presentation
Link the needs of the energy business community to the training and education institutions across the state through an informed, data-driven process Eversource Kathryn Parr (PI)
Marcello Graziano
Quantify benefits to customers from resiliency investment costs, as required for a full evaluation of the societal rate of return, net societal benefits of resiliency improvements, and their distribution Eversource Kimberly Rollins (PI)
Fred Carstensen
Charles Towe
Alyssa McDonnell

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