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Astitha, Marina

Marina_webAssistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • What excites you most about your research?

Working to improve the prediction of atmospheric phenomena that range from daily weather conditions to extreme tropical storms and air pollution episodes is a very rewarding experience. Knowing that this world is described by mathematical formulations and that we can anticipate what happens next, is an eye-opener that makes us proud to be part of the human race and work relentlessly to improve our skills and protect the world we live in.

  • What’s the most valuable aspect of your research for people and communities?

Numerical prediction of weather and atmospheric pollution relates to scientific discovery but also public awareness, human health and environmental protection. When the predictive tools are accurate and reliable, people and communities can be informed, protected and engaged regarding their everyday lives as well as future living conditions.

Research focus: Prediction of extreme weather events; Uncertainties in meteorological and air quality modeling systems; Aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions in regional and global scales.

Website: http://airmg.uconn.edu

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