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Cao, Yang

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineeringyangcao

  • What excites you most about your research?

Applying basic understanding of the physics of materials under extremely high field to develop enabling solutions such as HVDC for grid modernization in areas of renewables integration, power flow control and asset management is an exciting and rewarding experience. The promise of bridging basic science research with distributed energy resource engineering for a clean and reliable power grid is fascinating and compelling, and we will strive to make impacts on both ends.  

  • What’s the most valuable aspect of your research for people and communities?

As an efficient non-synchronized bulk electric power transmission solution with enhanced stability, HVDC holds promises for grid interconnection, renewable integrations and grid decongestions. We will develop predictive tool and mitigation solution for HVDC Grid hardening against geomagnetic disturbance induced by solar storm so that clean energies such as hydropower and wind can be transmitted reliably to New England.

Research focus: High field phenomena and devices, nanostructured materials for energy efficiency and renewable integration, high voltage engineering, and grid asset management

Website: http://eirc.ims.uconn.edu/

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