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2019 Annual Meeting

Eversource Energy Center’s 2019 Annual Meeting was a major success! Thank you to all who participated and attended. The annual meeting took place on November 8th, 2019. Over 15 researchers displayed posters detailing their research findings. Chairman of Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), Marissa Gillett, gave a keynote speech regarding energy and the environment. Six other speakers presented as well.


Marissa Gillett, chair of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, was the honorary speaker at our 2019 Annual Meeting.

Advisory Board Members

  • Katie Scharf Dykes (Commissioner, CT DEEP)
  • Anne George (Vice President of External Affair and Corporate Communications, ISO New England)
  • Arthur House (Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer, State of CT)
  • William Hackett (Deputy Commissioner, CT Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security)
  • David Owens (Executive Vice President (ret.), Electric Edison Institute)
  • Peter Rothstein (President, North East Clean Energy Council)

Poster Titles

  • AC/DC/AC Grid Equivalent Model for Geomagnetic Storm-Induced Unbalanced Harmonic Studies (PDF)
  • Agent Based Model to Estimate Time to Restoration of Storm-Induced Power Outages
  • Development of an Agent Based Model to Optimize Restoration Strategies and a Case Study of “Future” Hurricane Sandy (PDF)
  • Dynamic Properties of Trees in the Southern New England Roadside Forest
  • Flood early warning system for CT substations
  • Flooding extent estimation and economic exposure through multi-sensor precipitation and ancillary data: the New Haven County, CT case
  • Flood vulnerability analysis of coastal substations based on synthetic extreme events
  • The Grid Resilience Assessment Using Total System Model Approach Considering the Pole Aging Effects
  • The impact of forest management on understory edge effects in roadside forests
  • Importance of wind speed and wind gust errors for power outage prediction during rain/wind storms in the NE US (PDF)
  • Learning from Stakeholders: Integrating Social Science and Roadside Vegetation Management (PDF)
  • Outage Prediction Modeling (OPM)- Developments & Improvements
  • The parameterized pole-wire system analysis with image processing (PDF)
  • Remote Sensing Applications for Utility Infrastructure Monitoring and Security
  • The Slow Storm: Assessing 2018 Roadside Tree Mortality from Insects and Diseases
  • Small-scale Pumped-Hydroelectric Storage (PHS): a solution for reaching the target for renewable energy penetration levels in New England (PDF)
  • Stormwise: Promoting Storm-Resistant Roadside Woodlands
  • Tree Sway Before and After Forest Management (PDF)
  • Tree trimming and grid resilience
  • The Winter Outage Prediction Model


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