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3D Imaging for Modernization: A New Picture of The Grid

Air-based model

Point Cloud created from a laser scanner with an air-based point-of-view.

The Eversource Energy Center, an innovative energy company and university partnership with the University of Connecticut (UConn), is developing state-of-the-art approaches for delivering reliable power and responding to extreme weather events.  This past week, Eversource and UConn used air-and ground-level laser technology in Greenwich, Connecticut, which captured millions of data points and creating a three dimensional picture of Eversource’s overhead electric delivery infrastructure and surrounding trees. The 3D images will be detailed enough to map the individual wires attached to utility poles and map tree branches overhanging the wires. “Eversource operates over 18,000 miles of distribution lines in 149 Connecticut cities and towns,” said Ken Bowes, Vice President of Engineering. “This 3D pilot will automate inspections of poles, wires and surrounding trees to pinpoint areas for grid reinforcement and vegetation management.” Pilot results will serve as a springboard for leveraging this leading-edge technology. Together with UConn, we are creating best practices for energy companies across the country to avoid and shorten outages and improve reliability for customers. 

Published: April 1, 2016

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