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EEC Welcomes Its First Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Fellows!

Congratulations to Justin, Frantz, Yleise, Lawrence, Wilmais, Brandon and Enrique on being the first to be named Eversource Energy Center Undergraduate Fellows!

Over the next twelve months each one of them will be mentored by an experienced team of UConn faculty and Center researchers who will engage them in energy research project(s). Over the summer we will also participate in e-meetings with Eversource Energy managers and engineers to facilitate future collaborations with the electric utility industry.


Enrique Casas Cofradia

Plan: Business Admin/Physics

Mentor: Marcello Graziano/Fred Carstensen/Peter Gunther

Topic: EVs/Cost of Renewables

Enrique will assist Peter Gunther and Dr. Marcello Graziano in preparing the overall dataset used for analyzing the drivers of diffusion of EVs, on performing some basic initial statistical analysis, and searching literature for modeling the appropriate inputs for the regional  analysis.  He will thus be introduced to several methodologies, while familiarizing himself with popular public datasets from the US Census, being introduced to exploratory statistical techniques.



Frantz Gabriel

Plan: Civil Engineering

Mentor: Malaquias Peña

Topic: Underwater Acoustics

“Our objective is to perform simulations of underwater sound emissions due to the installation of wind turbine foundations in offshore regions. The intention is to use these simulations to predict high-decibel areas to help in the design of noise suppression systems.”



Justin Bazemore-Travers

Plan: Electrical Engineering

Mentor: Ha Thi Nguyen /Jason Philhower

Topic: Renewable Integration

My name is Justin Bazemore-Travers. I am a twenty-one year old electrical engineering student working on my sixth semester. I am from Manchester, Connecticut and I enjoy spending time with friends and investing in equities in my free time. My research interests are in renewable energy and the electrical grid structures that they power.”



Lawrence Ravel

Plan: Business Accounting

Mentor: Diego Cerrai

Topic: Renewables

“Since I have been here at the University of Connecticut, I always wanted to get involved in the institution’s research opportunities. After taking different classes, I have learned the impact that research has on society, and how we use this information to better our way of living. Coming across the Pioneering Diversity Internship, I thought that this was an amazing opportunity because of the intentionality of the different goals of the research topics like weather prediction, predicting power outages, and even modeling the occurrence of wildfires. With that being said, I believed that this internship opportunity was the best fit for me to not only expand my skills and knowledge but prepare me for the possible postgraduate research opportunities by exposure.”



Yleise Saez

Plan: Electrical Engineering

Mentor: Dave Wanik

Topic: Outage Modeling & Restoration

“I am an Electrical Engineering student at UConn looking forward to researching under Eversource Energy Center. There are many projects about improving systems resilience to extreme weather conditions that give me the opportunity to learn about advanced technology used within EEC. This will also be a great experience to research, as well as work and learn together as a team.”


Wilmalis Rodriguez

Plan: Environmental Engineering

Mentor: Giuliano Sofia & Manos Anagnostou

Topic: Understanding Flood Hazard

Wilma will collaborate in a research team at the Eversource Energy Center, partnering with researchers from Florida Tech and George Mason, on a project that seeks to  Mapping changes in hydroclimatic risk in High Mountain Asia. Specifically, she will be involved in understanding flood hazard using (1) downscaled precipitation data, (2) geomorphological analysis with high-resolution terrain data, (3) statistic data on flood damages.


Brandon Hermoza-Ricci

Plan: Civil Engineering with a Minor in Urban and Community Studies

Mentor: Manos Anagnostou

Topic: Conversion of Infrastructure Systems to Renewable Energy

Brandon is an undergraduate student who is passionate about using infrastructure within urban spaces to address the increasing problems of climate change. Brandon hopes to address the failed planning concepts in American cities during the last century to create new urban environments that are equitable, inclusively diverse, and sustainable. For Brandon, a green economy is one that everyone can participate in, but this fundamentally begins with redesigning the spaces we inhabit to represent that.


Published: May 6, 2021

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