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Recipients of Over $750K of Eversource Funding Announced

The Eversource Energy Center announced seven innovative projects awarded in industry-identified focus areas that begin on October 1, 2016. The Center received a total of 12 applications to the Eversource Request for Proposals (RFP) announced in May of 2016 focused on the topics of Eversource’s resiliency program, distributed energy resources, cyber and physical security, vegetation management, data and technology needs and climate change/sea level rise. The proposals requested a total of $1,739,071.

The proposals were evaluated by Eversource subject matter experts and the Center’s project selection committee. Criteria for evaluation included: (a) Focus on priority areas (b) Deliverables that are well-defined and measurable (c) Return on investment with quantifiable outcomes and accomplishments (d) Collaboration and leveraging of on-going Center activities (e) Timeframe and viability of completing the project within the proposed timeframe.

The seven projects have been awarded a total of $762,300. The names of the Principal Investigators and proposal titles are listed below.


Fred Carstensen (PI), Peter Gunther (co-PI), “The Benefit of Investing in Resiliency: A Dynamic Economic Analysis”.

Suresh Nair (PI), Paul Borochin (co-PI), “Identifying Continuation and Recommended Funding Levels of Resiliency Programs Beyond 2017.”

Ross Bagtzoglou (PI), Wei Zhang (co-PI), Peng Zhang (co-PI), David Wanik (co-PI), Osvaldo Pensado (co-PI), “Evaluation of Grid Resilience Activities with a Total System Performance Model.”

Data and Technology Needs

Jason Parent (PI), John C. Volin (co-PI), Emmanouil N. Anagnostou (co-PI), David Wanik (co-PI), Tom Meyer (co-PI), Wei Zhang (co-PI), Robert Fahey (co-PI), “Further Evaluation of LiDAR and Alternative Technologies for Monitoring Roadside Vegetation and Utility Infrastructure”

Climate Change/Sea Level Rise

Xinyi Shen (PI), Efthymios Nikolopoulos (co-PI), “Evaluation of Substations Vulnerability of Flooding in Current and Climate Change Scenarios.”

Distributed Energy Resources

Yang Cao (PI), “HVDC Grid Hardening against Geomagnetic Disturbance.”

Peng Zhang (PI), Marina Astitha (co-PI) “Grid-Side System Enhancements to Integrate Distributed Energy Resources.”

Published: September 27, 2016

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