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UConn program’s goal is managing forest growth near power lines

(The Day) Connecticut’s miles of tree-lined roads are for many residents a favorite feature of the state’s landscape, and Thomas Worthley agrees these shady corridors are beautiful.

But, he believes, a developed place like Connecticut shouldn’t continue to coexist with so much forest without managing it wisely.

“The untended forest tends to grow in very densely, like an unweeded garden,” said Worthley, assistant extension professor at the University of Connecticut. “All these woods have developed during our lifetimes, with virtually no attention whatsoever.”

Nearby, a slender, 100-foot beech swayed gently in the light summer breeze passing through the UConn forest. Attached to the tree were wires connected to a sensor mounted on a stump several feet away. The device was measuring how the beech and a dozen other trees near power lines through the forest moved with wind, logging the direction and extent of the tilt.

Published: July 30, 2014

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