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Presentations from our 2021 Annual Workshop

The EEC recently hosted a workshop where principal investigators had the opportunity to present new research projects.

Below are links to each project presentation.



Power System Botnet Cyber Attack: Machine Learning Based Analysis and RTDS Simulation

Sean Youngblood, Lynn Pepin, Sung-Yeul Park, Fei Miao

Green Energy Development & Carbon Mitigation Potential of Forests and Working Lands

Anita Morzillo, Chandi Witharana, Zhe Zhu, Robert Fahey, Tom Worthley, and Charles Towe

Landowner Planning for Roadside Forest Management Given Multiple Stressors

Anita Morzillo, Emlyn Crocker, and Jacob Cabral

Near Real-time Monitoring of Roadside and Right-of-way (ROW) Forest Disturbances in CT

Kexin Song and Zhe Zhu

Evaluation of DER Integration on Distribution Protection with Hardware in the Loop Using Low Energy Signals

Kalinath K, PhD Student; Supervisor: Prof. Ha

Evaluating Biomechanical and Structural Response to Tree Trimming

Nicholas Cranmer, Robert Fahey, Chandi Witharana,Thomas Worthley, Amanda Bunce, Brandon Alveshere

Legacy and Shockwaves: A spatial analysis of strengthening resilience of the power grid in Connecticut

Adam Gallaher, Marcello Graziano, and Maurizio Fiaschetti

Hurricane Resilience Assessment for Power Distribution System Considering Tree Failure Risk and Topology

Jintao Zhang, Qin Lu, William Hughes, Wei Zhang, Amvrossios Bagtzoglou

Machine Learning Methods for Transmission Outage Prediction

Sita Nyame

A Pathway to Enable Sustainable Modern Power Systems: Optimal System Dispatch

Leila Chebbo

Snowfall Prediction using Integration of Numerical Weather Prediction and Machine Learning

Ummul Khaira, Marina Astitha and Diego Cerrai

Use of Multi-source Remote Sensing Data and Geospatial Modelling to Analyze Roadside Vegetation Risk on Utility Infrastructure

Durga Joshi, Harshana Wedagedara, Chandi Witharana

E.T.: Re-Thinking Self-Attention for Transformer Models on GPUs

Shaoyi Huang

Evaluation of the New OPM Winter Model

Xinxuan Zhang

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Resilience Improvement Efforts on the Electric Grid

Will Taylor


Published: December 13, 2021

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