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The EEC recently hosted a workshop where principal investigators had the opportunity to present new research projects kicked off in the areas of (i) Preparedness and emergency response, (ii) Vegetation management & risk analysis, (iii) Cyber and physical security and (iv) Renewable energy. These projects will run through Spring 2023 and project milestones and deliverables will be visible through the Center website.

Below are links to each project presentation grouped by thematic area.


Preparedness and Emergency Response


The UConn OPM – Enhancing Prediction Accuracy & Supporting the Emergency Response Team with Real-Time Outage Forecasts

PI Anagnostou, Co-I Cerrai

Improving Extreme Weather Forecasting Capabilities in Support of Power Outage Prediction Activities

PI Astitha

Resilience System Modeling and Dynamic Economic Impacts

PI Bagtzoglou, Co-I Zhang


Projecting Dynamic Economic Impacts of System Resilience

PI Carstensen, Co-I Graziano, Gunther


Vegetation Management and Risk Analysis

Vegetation Management and Modeling to Promote Resilient Trees, Power, and Communities

PI Fahey, Co-I Worthley

Landowner Planning for Roadside Forest Management Given Multiple Stressors

PI Morzillo


Assessing Forest Risk to Infrastructure Using Remotely Sensed Imagery

PI Zhu

Fine-Scale Assessment of Vegetation Risk to Infrastructure Using Remotely Sensing Imagery and LiDAR Data

PI Witharana

Cyber and Physical Security


Protecting Critical Infrastructure from UAV Threats- Developing an Integrated Multi-Sensor System for UAV Detections

PI Witharana


Evaluation of Eversource-CT Substations Vulnerability of Flooding in Current and Climate Change

PI Shen, Co-I Sofia and Anagnostou


Securing Power Distribution Grid Against Power Botnet Attacks

PI Fei Miao

Renewable Energy

Fine Resolution Nowcasting of PV and Loads in Key Sections of the Eversource Energy Grid

PI Pena, co-I David Wanik

High-Resolution Mapping of Renewable Energy Sources

PI Anagnostou, Co-I Nikolopoulos and Francois

Monitoring, Analysis and Prediction of Offshore Wind

PI Pena

High-resolution Wind Prediction Capabilities

PI Astitha

Marine Boundary Layer Modeling

PI Matheou

Published: March 22, 2021

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